HoloGuard, SafeHouse and QuantoGram PCD – How Do they Work and How can I Prove it?


If you understand Quantum theory you will know that everything in the universe consists of quantum particles. See ‘Ted Talks Quantum’ videos on YouTube to understand more.

An article just this week in ‘Scientific American Online Journal’ reported on newer experiments to repeat previous experiments that show that even our brains can influence these quantum particles.

All of my Quantogram devices are designed to influence quantum particles, and in the case of WIFI, the HoloGuard and SafeHouse make the quantum particles in our body immune (or neutralises) the harmful effects from any harmful frequencies.

How can we demonstrate the Effect of QuantoGram Products?

Other than using a Thermal Imaging Camera to demonstrate the protection from harmful effects (see PDF) we have the QuantoGram Strength Test. This test works for any existing device claiming to protect you from WIFI but you have to follow the test in careful detail EG the feet should be tight together and the hand being pushed down must not leave the side of the leg etc.

The QuantGram PCD is even easier as well as the QuantoGram Strength Test the PCD instructions show a simple test (before you introduce the vehicle to the PCD) of driving a set distance, measuring the fuel used and then inserting the PCD under the back seat  (or on top of the fuel tank) whichever is closest and repeating the same drive and again measuring the fuel used. Done correctly this always shows at least 17% saving. By improving the combustion of the fuel this is also saving on emissions.

QuantoGram Strength Test

If you use these tests with the phone NOT in the hand and then with the phone IN the hand of the person being tested will become much stronger with the phone IN the hand if the phone is protecting the person.

It is better you have the person testing you to be bigger and stronger than you.

If you are testing someone else choose a weaker person than you so you can feel their increase in strength.

“If you see the faces of the people I am demonstrating QuantoGram on you will see the amazement when they suddenly feel many times much stronger and can easily resist the pushing down movement.

I stake my reputation that these things work and will do everything I claim and will protect the health of your family. ”

QuantoGram PCD

Reduces Fuel consumption in any vehicle and well as exhaust emissions.

HoloGuard WIFI Guard

Attaches to any phone, Routers, computer or even a card in your pocket -Neutralises damage from WIFI and Electro Magnetic Frequencies


Does the same as the HoloGuard but is plugged into any electrical socket to protect everyone in the House, Office or Hotel Room